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Welcome to Alitalia!
If you are looking for a virtual airline that simulates real life Alitalia and subsidiaries, then this is the place to be.
This virtual airline simulates:
1) Alitalia (AZ/AZA/Alitalia)

2) Alitalia Cityliner (CT/CYL/ Cityliner)

3) Former subsidiary Alitalia Express (XM/SMX/Aliexpress)

Besides the 2019 timetable and aircraft types, this airline also has former fleet types available (DC9-32,DC-10, MD-11, Caravelle
Airbus A300, Boeing 747-100 and 200 series, DC-8 and Boeing 727).

Why especially this virtual airline above all others:
1) You fly when you want...this airline has no mandatory 1 flight or 2 flights a month policy. Why not ? Because flightsimming is a hobby.

2) A ranking system like no other virtual airline has. 

3) You are free to fly with other virtual airlines. 

4) You are able to fly former fleet aircraft

With other words no restrictions...well almost...there are a few restrictions: 1) You use a simrate of 1x (1 second in virtual time is 1 second in real time)
and 2) You are monitoring the aircraft systems the entire flight.


パイロット 6
使用機材 469
ルート 2906
乗務時間: 34:40
合計フライト 26
レギュラーフライト 26
合計チャーター 0
% レギュラーフライト 100.00 %


AZA006Randy Wood  LIMC  LIRF 2022-11-10 00:51
AZA006Randy Wood  LIRF  LIMC 2022-09-19 00:49
AZA002Nico Schroder  EBBR  LIML 2020-03-07 01:10
AZA002Nico Schroder  EIDW  EBBR 2020-03-07 01:18
AZA002Nico Schroder  EBBR  EIDW 2020-03-07 01:13


AZA006-Randy Wood2022-09-18
AZA005-Calogero Grado2022-07-04
AZA004-Ares Luciani2021-07-25
AZA003-Mohamed Khalifa2021-06-22
AZA002-Nico Schroder2020-02-14





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